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    my heart

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  4. "i am cracked
    and i cling
    to things
    like glue
    to try to fill
    my empty spaces
    and all the places
    in my soul
    where sharp toothed
    to make a home"

  5. things


    - its going to work out

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    How do I “life”

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  9. "I will not be your “sometimes”."
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  10. I have stayed here through thick and thin, come back here the two times I contemplated leaving, because it has always been safe and comfortable.

    Not anymore. The toxic environment is about to break me down yet again. I cannot feel comfortable around any of these people after he told my mother he had someone spying on me, and I heard the shit that whoever it was said. I am paranoid enough as it is.

    I am so scared of ending this. My mom compared it to divorce today, and in many ways that’s what it is like. Mutual friends, money, time, and so much more.

    But I have a hard time getting up each day. I am on the verge of tears always. I am having panic attacks. I am not treating myself well because I have been made to feel worthless. I don’t know where to go or how, but I think it’s time.

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    Teens dancing the Twist to Chubby Checker, 1961

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