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  9. Many activities at school so at have asked us to reflect on the best times of our lives and when we have felt the most accomplished. Time and again, I have returned to my first stays in Europe. If I go back, which is what I am leaning towards, I need to make changes so that life in Vrasene can include the things that I enjoy about life in Europe.
    I miss the songs that I had on replay last night. I miss the feel of the shows. I miss how hard we worked and how good it felt to ride. I miss the style of the homes, the unvarnished wood, the smells. I miss the gas stations, long drives, late nights, pain quo.


  12. "I must also have a dark side if I am to be whole."
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    Marlon Brando on set of ‘The Men’, photographed by Ed Clark, 1949.


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